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Using Twitter in Class.

 In class we were told to follow on twitter, a politician, a television, film, or recording celebritie, trade publication, and a popular publication. The five individuals I followed where, Chris Brown, Seventeen Magazine, Barack Obama, Chad Ochocinco, and The New York Post.

I followed Chris Brown not only because he’s been one of my favorite artists for a long time now, but also because his tweets tell a lot of his personality. I like the way he thanks his fans for being loyal to him through thick and thin. knowing that he can’t thank them all individually, it nice of him to take time out of his day to say something kind. Everyone knows his mishap with Rihanna a few years back. They all wanted to know why, why wasn’t he dropped from his record label? Why does he still have fans? The questions go on and on even to this day. We will never know EXACTLY what happened. I guess it takes a lot for people to look past things like that, even though it happens everyday. Not saying its okay to go around beating woman everyday because it’s not a man should never put his hands on a woman. I agree he should have been punished more than what he was. One reason why I think he wasn’t was because he’s in the limelight.

Seventeen Magazine is one of my favorite popular publication companies, so I was quick to follow them on twitter. Seventeen is not only for “seventeen” year old girls but for girls in their teen years. I enjoy Seventeen because I like reading about current celebrity gossip, and staying up to date on the seasonal fashions. I also enjoy reading their health section, learning about how to stay healthy and how to stick to a good diet as a teen girl is important to me. Seventeen has some really informal articles what and what not to do in uncomfortable situations, they are not afraid to let you know whats real.

For the politician, I chose to follow President Barack Obama. He doesn’t tweet as much as any of the other people I have followed but when he does tweet, it’s very informal and refreshing. It might not be him physically tweeting those things it’s probably someone close-knit to him getting the information he wants to be tweeted.


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Bryanna. 18 years old. Clark Atlanta University c/o 2015.

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  1. Besides the fact that Chris Brown is a good artist and he seems to respond to his fans regularly, what else about him makes you admire him as an artist? Also how has he personally helped victims of the recent hurricance?

  2. Good examples, Bryanna, and a good follow-up question, Alexis. I’d also like to know the answer, Bryanna. Whenever I think of a celebrity helping victims of natural disasters, I’ll probably always think of Brad Pitt from now on. Does Chris Brown have a similar track record?

  3. Overall this is a well written blog entry. I noticed though in some instances you made assertions using “I think” try to avoid that and make your entries bias. Also what occurred with the other tweeters that you followed? Did you lose interest?


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