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In World History class our first blog assignment is to write about how issues of the environment helped shape and influence ancient cultures. The environment played the most important role in shaping civilization. The Neolithic Period, or New Tool age, about 6,000-2,900 BCE was a very important time in Egypt.  During this period very important, because this is when Egyptians used resources given to them by the environment.  The Nile River plays a big part in Egypt’s civilization, flowing northward through Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea. The rains and melting snow from June to October made the Nile’s soil extremely fertile. Since the Nile’s soil is so fertile  it made it easy to plant crops for food supply. When it comes to religion Egyptians are Polytheistic. Which means instead of believing in one god, they believed in more than one god. Pharaohs where known to be the god/goddess of Egypt. Another importance of Egyptian culture was social stratification. Your social status is based of your family history more than wealth. To keep the high social status, some Egyptians would marry into the family to keep the “royal blood.” Being the first known civilization Egypt has done a lot to maintain a good shaped civilization and environment.





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  1. Interesting. I think you need a stronger conclusion to this response. Overall, it is very good, but continue to work on introducing and concluding the material.


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