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Digital Nation: Extra Credit

In today’s society people rely on digital media a lot more than they did years ago.  Now a days people have multiple technological devices, communicating with several people at once. Multitasking is looking at multiple media at the same time. Not as cooking and watching kids, but using multiple media sources all at once, explained in Clifford Nass’s interview on Digital Nation. He composed a study to see how long someone can stay focused when switching from one thing to another. Statistics show that 8- to 18-year-olds are spending more than 50 hours a week with digital media.

In South Korea teens are addicted to video games spending hours on end in internet cafe’s. In some of these internet cafe’s people have actually died because gaming marathons of spending 50 hours or more playing games with little food and water. Internet addiction, is it a real disease or just addiction? Korea is among the first to classify gaming addictions to be a psychiatric disorder. 90% or Korean teens use the internet in day to day activity, and about 10-15 % are in the high risk group.In an effort to help kids in that are said to be addicted to gaming, Korea formed an Internet Rescue Camps.

Over the past 20 years the internet has evolved from what one does, to away one lives, and a lot of people are overwhelmed. In Korean schools kids are taught to go online as early as they are taught to read. Also taught how to use computes responsibly, first they learn internet etiquette and manners then they gradually learn the technical stuff.


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Bryanna. 18 years old. Clark Atlanta University c/o 2015.

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