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In my group the religion we made up was called “Divaism.”  Divaism is a religion bases on fashion, what’s in and what’s new. Since the fashion trend is always changing, Divaism helps to keep up with all the hip new trends. Our motto “Keep it classy not trashy” is self explanatory,  dress with class and don’t look like trash. Because we all are divas, and royal, our flag is purple which symbolizes royalty.  Us divas worship the finer things in life like clothes and jewelry, so why not have our place of worship be the mall, and our holy land be the fashion capital of the world, Paris. We have many sacred text to follow some of them are; Vogue Magazine, Glamour, and Seventeen. All followers of Divaism must subscribe to at least two. Being  a polytheistic religion we have many idols, like Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, and Tyra Banks just to name a few.  Becoming a “Diva” comes with many benefits, from a shopping spree of 1000 dollars, a chance to launch your own clothing line, and free seminars with all the major designers on tips how to dress and style your line.


About bryannalavon

Bryanna. 18 years old. Clark Atlanta University c/o 2015.

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