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Silk Road

An international overland route, called the Silk Road, linking China, India, Afghanistan, Persia, and Central Asia to the borders of the Roman Empire. The Silk Road was a great exchange route started in the second century BCE.  It was about a 6000 mile long trip. Carrying silk, gold, disease and other goods.The Silk Road made it easy for trade, and to spread other great ideas for the future. Safe travel was possible because of the Pax Romana and Pax Sinica. The international peace maintained well-beings for millions of people. The mapping and policing of sea lanes and the building of harbors and lighthouses also promoted both domestic and international trade.

The silk road grew to its peak under the Han Dynasty. During the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road made it easy for trade to the Roman Empire, the Arabic nomads, and the Chinese Empire. Rebuilding sections of the Great Wall and military garrisons beyond the nomads under control and safeguarded international trade commerce along the Silk Road.  The Han and Roman Empires in control of most of the route, roads were kept open and secure.

The Silk Road was important because it helped trade throughout the region. It acted as a  highway and helped  to spread trade goods, and religion as well. The 6000 mile long trip helped spread technology, and link traders to one another.


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