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Reflecting on WISE History Fall Semester

While choosing Clark Atlanta University as my college of choice,  I decided to keep a small notebook of my success through my first year.  Taking how hard people told me college was going to be, I honestly slacked off a little. Realizing that it wasn’t such a good idea, my notebook went from not as I planed to doing pretty well. In WISE, U.S., Africa and the World, I planed on getting C’s since History is one of my weakest subjects, but i was able to move my C’s up to B’s, and hopefully by the end those B’s would turn into A’s.

I believe I’m doing pretty well in the course, making my liking for history grow a little more each class Professor Underwood, makes it easy to stay focused and grasp the subject to my understanding.  Going into the second semester with Professor Underwood, I believe my knowledge and understanding of the subject will come easier than this challenging first semester.

I would have to say the most difficult thing to do this semester would be the Cultural Analysis we were assigned. Collecting all the information was probably the most difficult part in the whole assignment.  After I found all the material it was easier to gather my thoughts and work from there. It was a little stressful, but I did my best to get through the struggle.

Learning a lot this first semester, of WISE History, I can take all my knowledge and continue to get better at the subject. Enjoying history a lot more I can continue to focus and buckle down and do the best of my ability throughout the rest of my first year of college.


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Bryanna. 18 years old. Clark Atlanta University c/o 2015.

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