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The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages, also known as the Middle Ages, was a early medieval period of western European history. The term “Dark Ages” refers to (476–800) when there was no Holy Roman emperor in the West, to the period between 500 and 1000. The Dark Ages was marked by frequent warfare and a virtual disappearance of urban life. The Dark Ages emphasizes the cultural and economic downfall that happened in Europe after the decline of the decline of the Roman Empire in 410 AD. The Dark Ages is rarely used historians today, because little was known about the period. The term’s more usual and pejorative sense is of a period of intellectual darkness and barbarity.

Beginning around 500 AD and continuing till 1000 AD. Where Rome and other surrounding cities where invaded by barbarians from northern and central Europe. The urban population started to decline because no longer having the power to protect citizens. Another consequence of the lack of a strong power was the development of the feudal system especially from 900-1150 AD. Life in Western Europe during the Dark Ages was very hard but a lot of people put a strong belief in Christianity and the hope that life in haven would be better than here on Earth.


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