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Intro Paragraph for English

This subject of review is the medical conditions of a genetic disorder called, Neurofibromatosis or NF. NF disrupts the cell growth in your nervous system, causing tumors to form on the nerve tissues. Effects of this disorder can range from hearing loss and learning impairments, to cardiovascular complication. There are three types of NF, NF 1, NF 2, and Schwannomatosis. With NF 1, signs usually appear in early childhood. Symptoms can include flat, light brown spots on the skin called cafe’ au lait spots. NF2 is  less common than NF1,  symptoms of NF2 usually result from the development of vestibular schwannomas in both ears. These benign tumors grow on the nerve that carries sound and balance information from the inner ear to the brain. Schwannomatosis is an extremely rare case of Neurofibromatosis, and was only recently recognized. It mostly seems to affect people in their 20s and 30s. Schwannomatosis causes tumors called schwannomas to develop on cranial, spinal and peripheral nerves, but not on the nerve that carries sound and balance information from the inner ear to the brain.But unlike NF 2 doesn’t cause hearing loss, making it different from NF2.


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The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages, also known as the Middle Ages, was a early medieval period of western European history. The term “Dark Ages” refers to (476–800) when there was no Holy Roman emperor in the West, to the period between 500 and 1000. The Dark Ages was marked by frequent warfare and a virtual disappearance of urban life. The Dark Ages emphasizes the cultural and economic downfall that happened in Europe after the decline of the decline of the Roman Empire in 410 AD. The Dark Ages is rarely used historians today, because little was known about the period. The term’s more usual and pejorative sense is of a period of intellectual darkness and barbarity.

Beginning around 500 AD and continuing till 1000 AD. Where Rome and other surrounding cities where invaded by barbarians from northern and central Europe. The urban population started to decline because no longer having the power to protect citizens. Another consequence of the lack of a strong power was the development of the feudal system especially from 900-1150 AD. Life in Western Europe during the Dark Ages was very hard but a lot of people put a strong belief in Christianity and the hope that life in haven would be better than here on Earth.

Reflecting on WISE History Fall Semester

While choosing Clark Atlanta University as my college of choice,  I decided to keep a small notebook of my success through my first year.  Taking how hard people told me college was going to be, I honestly slacked off a little. Realizing that it wasn’t such a good idea, my notebook went from not as I planed to doing pretty well. In WISE, U.S., Africa and the World, I planed on getting C’s since History is one of my weakest subjects, but i was able to move my C’s up to B’s, and hopefully by the end those B’s would turn into A’s.

I believe I’m doing pretty well in the course, making my liking for history grow a little more each class Professor Underwood, makes it easy to stay focused and grasp the subject to my understanding.  Going into the second semester with Professor Underwood, I believe my knowledge and understanding of the subject will come easier than this challenging first semester.

I would have to say the most difficult thing to do this semester would be the Cultural Analysis we were assigned. Collecting all the information was probably the most difficult part in the whole assignment.  After I found all the material it was easier to gather my thoughts and work from there. It was a little stressful, but I did my best to get through the struggle.

Learning a lot this first semester, of WISE History, I can take all my knowledge and continue to get better at the subject. Enjoying history a lot more I can continue to focus and buckle down and do the best of my ability throughout the rest of my first year of college.

Why do parents abuse?

Why do Parents Abuse?

Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of a child. It is happening all over the world, in poor, middle class, rule and urban areas, to children or all races and genders. Every day somewhere in the world is a child being harmed. Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones, it occurs when a child is mistreated, resulting in physical or emotional injury. It can be physical, emotional or sexual. While physical abuse might be the most visible sign of abuse, other types of abuse such as, emotional abuse or child neglect, are equally wrong, and also leaves deep long lasting scars.[1] Many things could cause child abuse, but that gives no right to do it. Remember all child abuse is physical as emotional abuse. Parents should not take a child’s simple mistakes further than just a little tap on the hand, but why do parents take it further than that?

Physical abuse, a subset of child abuse, is when physical force, violence, or injury is caused to a child, including battery, assault, and restraint. A deliberate non-accidental attempt to harm a child, sometimes it’s because of severe discipline to punish or by using a belt or hand. Physical abuse can also include a parent/caretaker failure to provide the proper safety of a child from another person. Many times physical abuse is a cause of stress. Indicators of physical abuse can be sprains, multicolored bruises, burns, and fractures. Even though parents, and care givers, say the physical strikes is a form of discipline, it is still not right to harm a child. [2]

Emotional abuse has no universally accepted definition. Emotional abuse leaving few visible scars, can damage a child’s mental health, social development, and leave long lasting scares. Used to control, humiliate, and punish, emotional abuse isn’t always easy to recognize by the victim. It involves words, actions, and indifference. Some examples of emotional abuse are verbal assault, penalizing a child for positive, normal behavior, and discouraging interpersonal skills. Emotional abuse can happen in all different types of families. The abuse can come from, poor parenting skills, and social isolation.

Child neglect is the failure of a parent to properly care for their child under the age of 18 years. Child neglect is one very common type of abuse. It can be identified by not providing the basic needs for a child, such as a food, clothing, hygiene, and supervision. There are several different types of child neglect. Physical neglect is when a parent is not providing the necessary food, shelter to their children/child, or when the body gets badly beaten. Medical neglect is not providing medical treatment, educational neglect, lacking to have your child educated, or to attend school regularly. It includes not only serious, but mild moderate medical neglect as well. And emotional neglect is not paying attention or not paying any attention at all. Emotional neglect occurs when a child is being deliberately ignored or overlooked.

Sexual abuse is ant type of non-consensual sexual contact. It is one of the most difficult forms of abuse to talk about. It includes a wide range of actions between a child and an adult, often being body contact, but not always. On the most extreme ends of the spectrum, sexual abuse involves intercourse and/or inappropriate touching. Effect of child abuse, can sometimes extend to adulthood, robbing a child from their innocents, and leading to depression, loss of self-esteem, and very serious emotional problems. [3]

Studies show that the states with the highest unemployment rate have the highest rate of mistreated children. With job loss causes a lot of stress for the family, and with that stress may lead to mistreatment. Can this mean most of the child abuse comes from unemployed families? According to Robert Sege, MD, PhD, of Boston University, each 1% increase in the unemployment rate was associated with at least 0.50 per 1,000 more cases of confirmed child maltreatment. Job loss is a sign of stress, and in some cases stress causes violence. [4]

So, why do parents abuse their children when they should love them unconditionally?  In some cases, the parent(s) that abuses might have been abused themselves as a young child. Other reason parents might abuse is lack of parenting knowledge, not knowing a child’s needs and their actions in different development stages can cause a parent to lash out on their child.  Being well educated about children and all of the different needs they have is one important element in being/becoming a parent. Knowing what a child needs will help with the parenting process.

The physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of child abuse is happening all over the world, to children or all races and genders, and it can be prevented. If a parent knows they are not fit to care for a child, there are many different alternatives. Giving the child to a trustworthy loved one, or adoption, are a few. If anger escalates some ways to regain control are, counting to 10, taking a couple of deep breaths, and listening to music. If that doesn’t help, go get help. Someone should not have to go through this, and have painful memories thought their live. Stopping the cycle of abuse is very important for generations to come.

Silk Road

An international overland route, called the Silk Road, linking China, India, Afghanistan, Persia, and Central Asia to the borders of the Roman Empire. The Silk Road was a great exchange route started in the second century BCE.  It was about a 6000 mile long trip. Carrying silk, gold, disease and other goods.The Silk Road made it easy for trade, and to spread other great ideas for the future. Safe travel was possible because of the Pax Romana and Pax Sinica. The international peace maintained well-beings for millions of people. The mapping and policing of sea lanes and the building of harbors and lighthouses also promoted both domestic and international trade.

The silk road grew to its peak under the Han Dynasty. During the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road made it easy for trade to the Roman Empire, the Arabic nomads, and the Chinese Empire. Rebuilding sections of the Great Wall and military garrisons beyond the nomads under control and safeguarded international trade commerce along the Silk Road.  The Han and Roman Empires in control of most of the route, roads were kept open and secure.

The Silk Road was important because it helped trade throughout the region. It acted as a  highway and helped  to spread trade goods, and religion as well. The 6000 mile long trip helped spread technology, and link traders to one another.

Infographics- Timeline of Graphic Design History

This Infographic shows a timeline on the revolution of graphic design in the world, from 1917-1990. 

Pictures show the “I Want You for the U.S Millitary” from 1917.  To Pop Art in 1950. I believe that this infographic shows the transisition of art throughout the years.