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Divaism Religion Blog

In my group the religion we made up was called “Divaism.”  Divaism is a religion bases on fashion, what’s in and what’s new. Since the fashion trend is always changing, Divaism helps to keep up with all the hip new trends. Our motto “Keep it classy not trashy” is self explanatory,  dress with class and don’t look like trash. Because we all are divas, and royal, our flag is purple which symbolizes royalty.  Us divas worship the finer things in life like clothes and jewelry, so why not have our place of worship be the mall, and our holy land be the fashion capital of the world, Paris. We have many sacred text to follow some of them are; Vogue Magazine, Glamour, and Seventeen. All followers of Divaism must subscribe to at least two. Being  a polytheistic religion we have many idols, like Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, and Tyra Banks just to name a few.  Becoming a “Diva” comes with many benefits, from a shopping spree of 1000 dollars, a chance to launch your own clothing line, and free seminars with all the major designers on tips how to dress and style your line.


Medea Writing Response, October 7th

Euripides (480-406 BCE) one of three great Greek playwrights. Speaking out against injustice, Euripides was a powerful social critic. One of his best illustrations of the difficulties women faces was The Medea. Medea is a woman in Greek mythology who was daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis. She was a foreigner who had fallen in love with Jason, a Greek adventurer who came to Colchis to claim his inheritance and throne by retrieving the Golden Fleece. Killing her own brother she betrayed her family just to be with him. Soon after, Jason and Medea had two sons. Jason later abandoned Medea for Glauce. Medea took her revenge by sending her a dress and golden coronet, covered in poison killing her. She also kills Glauce’s father and children.
In today’s society it is very similar to the story of Medea. Men still leave their families for other women, and it has been happening for years. If they are in a place where they are unhappy, they will just leave or cheat. Whereas women are sometimes left alone to support their children and try to find another spouse.

Digital Nation: Extra Credit

In today’s society people rely on digital media a lot more than they did years ago.  Now a days people have multiple technological devices, communicating with several people at once. Multitasking is looking at multiple media at the same time. Not as cooking and watching kids, but using multiple media sources all at once, explained in Clifford Nass’s interview on Digital Nation. He composed a study to see how long someone can stay focused when switching from one thing to another. Statistics show that 8- to 18-year-olds are spending more than 50 hours a week with digital media.

In South Korea teens are addicted to video games spending hours on end in internet cafe’s. In some of these internet cafe’s people have actually died because gaming marathons of spending 50 hours or more playing games with little food and water. Internet addiction, is it a real disease or just addiction? Korea is among the first to classify gaming addictions to be a psychiatric disorder. 90% or Korean teens use the internet in day to day activity, and about 10-15 % are in the high risk group.In an effort to help kids in that are said to be addicted to gaming, Korea formed an Internet Rescue Camps.

Over the past 20 years the internet has evolved from what one does, to away one lives, and a lot of people are overwhelmed. In Korean schools kids are taught to go online as early as they are taught to read. Also taught how to use computes responsibly, first they learn internet etiquette and manners then they gradually learn the technical stuff.

2011 Opening Convocation

Clark Atlanta University 2011 Opening Convocation was on September 29th, held in Lenidas S. Epps Gymnasium. Based around the six school core values; Student – Contentedness, Innovation and Discovery, Pursuit of Excellence, Social Responsibility, Integrity, and Respect. The speaker Milton J. Little, Jr., president of United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, was introduced by President Brown. Milton J. Little, Jr a member of Phi Beta Kappa, graduated magna cum laude from Morehouse College. Little touched on subjects of inspiring greatness in all you do, and thinking hard about how you spend your time because its shorter than you think. By inspiring greatness I believe he was trying to say set good examples in inspiring, and others will shortly follow.  Thinking about how you spend time is another important subject he talked about. Making wise choices about time management, there is a time for studying, and there is a time for having fun and partying.

Blog One Revised

In World History class our first blog assignment is to write about how issues of the environment helped shape and influence ancient cultures. The environment played the most important role in shaping civilization. The Neolithic Period, or New Tool age, about 6,000-2,900 BCE was a very important time in Egypt.  During this period very important, because this is when Egyptians used resources given to them by the environment.  The Nile River plays a big part in Egypt’s civilization, flowing northward through Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea. The rains and melting snow from June to October made the Nile’s soil extremely fertile. Since the Nile’s soil is so fertile  it made it easy to plant crops for food supply. When it comes to religion Egyptians are Polytheistic. Which means instead of believing in one god, they believed in more than one god. Pharaohs where known to be the god/goddess of Egypt. Another importance of Egyptian culture was social stratification. Your social status is based of your family history more than wealth. To keep the high social status, some Egyptians would marry into the family to keep the “royal blood.” Being the first known civilization Egypt has done a lot to maintain a good shaped civilization and environment.




Sept 30th.Blog The Warring States(475 B.C. – 221 B.C.)

Around 475 BCE, The Era of Warring State was a time of conflict and growth throughout ancient China. The Warring State lasted more than 200 years. During the Era of Warring Stare there where three major philosophical movements; Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism. philosopher Hsun Tzu implemented a philosophy called Legalism. The philosophy of Legalism didn’t address questions such as nature and the purpose of life. Legalistic  saw everyone as evil, and the way China organised people was too unequal. By implementing everyone will be treated as one, and the high-class would not have special privileges. In order for everyone to be an equal taxes will be raised, and all previous history of any other philosophy will be erased. With legalism there will be a lack of chaos and disorder, because everyone will be uniform and social status will be taken away.

Using Twitter in Class Pt. 2

Over the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been following Chris Brown.  I’ve learned that he is really determined to make his fans happy with their experience going to his recent F.A.M.E tour. He tweets about where the tour is taking him next,  how supportive his fans are, and how his preformances are going.

 After following Chris Brown for a while, I decided to follow someone with a different style of tweeting. So, I chose Selena Gomez. Selena is more interactive with her followers, whereas Chris Brown’s tweets have gotten a little boring because of his never ending posts about his tour.